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Friday Sermon Tragedy in Pakistan

19 Dec

Friday Sermon Tragedy in Pakistan

We observe these days many incidents of barbarity and brutality carried out in Muslim countries. Such episodes do not take place in other countries or at least they do not occur with the same frequency. The developed world raises strong protests against such incidents whether the perpetrators are government workers or any groups or individuals. Recently strong protests took place in USA over some incidents. However, just as much the religion of Islam teaches love and brotherhood, completely contrary to its teachings Muslim governments of today and groups and organisations formed in the name of Islam perpetrate cruelty for personal interests or in the name of peace and in the name of Islam!

Today numerous organisations have been formed in the name of implementing Shariah and they are perpetrating such viciousness that one is left aghast whether these are actions of humans or creatures worse than animals in the guise of humans! Recently an atrocity took place in Pakistan which was not just an atrocity but was the worst example of brutality and viciousness. It made one’s hair stand on end and it made mankind scream out in response! Anyone with an iota of humanity screamed out! Indeed four and a half years ago such brutality was also perpetrated in our mosques. A television channel here, probably the BBC, mentioned the worst incidents of Pakistan in the last five years and included the incident of our mosques. Anyhow, our grief at the time and the cruelty perpetrated against us was neither deemed worthy of attention, compassion and condolence by the government [of Pakistan] nor the public, perhaps due to fear of the maulawis.

However, Ahmadis have compassion for mankind and we are moved to see humanity in distress. Whereas these were our compatriots and perhaps all of them were Muslims. Our hearts are filled with compassion and we feel distress for them and have great sympathy. Such cruelty perpetrated on them was going to agonise us as indeed it did. Not only were they Pakistani like most of the people sitting in the congregation but they were also Muslims. Also, this incident exceeded all manner of barbarity. The large majority of victims martyred were innocent children some aged five, six and seven years and others ten, eleven and thirteen years. The younger ones would have probably had no idea of terrorism or extremism and perhaps did not know the difference between Muslims and non-Muslims! Yet their lives were taken in a most brutal manner. May God wrap all of them in His cover of mercy and forgiveness and may He also grant patience and steadfastness to their parents. These children were targeted because the so-called implementers of Shariah wanted to avenge Pakistani army.

What kind of Islam is this? What kind of Shariah is this? The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) had strictly forbidden to use force against women and children of even non-Muslims during battle! And when he once questioned a Companion who had killed a Jew child in action, the Companion replied, O Prophet of God, he was only a Jew child killed by mistake, what does it matter? The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) replied was he not an innocent child of man? Such was the standard of sanctity of humanity demonstrated to us by the blessed model of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) and look at the brutal actions perpetrated in the name of Islam now!

Muslims and non-Muslims both have expressed their horror at this episode of brutality. At the occasion of the first woman Church of England bishop appointed, sentiments of grief were expressed and a minute’s silence was observed and prayers were made. Everyone felt the pain regardless of their faith whereas those who are called Muslims proudly took responsibility of the atrocity and showed no remorse!

We observed that anyone with decency expressed pain and condolence. Hearts of Ahmadis have great compassion for mankind and we are ever ready to share grief of others, our hearts are moved at any painful incident. Many letters were received by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih expressing pain and distress. The incident had a great impact on Hazrat Khalifatul Masih throughout the day. And in such a situation one prays for the destruction of the cruel. May God soon rid the country of these vicious and wicked people, and rid all Muslim countries of them. Seeing these incidents one is reminded of the oppressions committed against Ahmadis but one also feels great pain for the innocent children. May God grant patience and steadfastness to those children and may He Himself provide for them who have lost their parents. Extremism and cruelty is a tragedy of almost every Muslim country, for example Iraq, Syria and Libya and the worst thing is that all this is being carried out in the name of God and His Prophet!

In the anti-government disturbances in Syria about 130,000 people have died, 6600 of which were children and about one-third were civilians. ISIS has killed thousands and hundreds of women and girls have been lined up and executed because they refused to marry ISIS men. According to another source the number of victims of this oppression and destruction is far greater. One who knows the reality of Islam is befuddled by all this as to which Islamic teaching is being practiced here! And this is being done in the name of the God Who is Most Gracious, Compassionate and Ever Merciful! In the name of the Prophet who was given the title of mercy for all the worlds/mankind! In the name of the Shariah which teaches to be fair to even one’s enemy! ‘O ye who believe! be steadfast in the cause of Allah, bearing witness in equity; and let not a people’s enmity incite you to act otherwise than with justice. Be always just, that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah. Surely, Allah is aware of what you do.’ (5:9) Here God elevates the level of the faith of a true believer and if this element of justice is missing then faith is not complete. God enjoins that even enmity should not incline you to be unfair and your models of fairness and justice should become witness to the teaching of Islam. If only those who are known as Muslims self-reflect and see if their acts draw non-Muslims to them or not! Their acts are even pushing Muslims away!

Would the children who saw their friends targeted by the vicious barbarity ever consider the perpetrators as Muslims? And if they did, question will arise in their minds about Islam and accepting it. Not only are these people perpetrating evident murder and mayhem they are also distancing the next generation from Islam. If only those known as Islamic religious leaders who have created these extremist terror organisations in the name of Jihad and sectarianism corrected their faith and gave the next generation the correct teaching of Islam. This can only be if they accepted what the Imam of the age taught and practiced true Islam themselves and also got others to practice it.

The true and ardent devotee of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) wrote about the Maulawis: ‘The Maulawis will do Islam a great favour if they can unite to dispel this notion from the minds of ignorant Muslims. In so doing, they will not only help to reveal the excellences and beauties of Islam, but will also remove the aversion which religious opponents have for it on account of their misconceptions…’ (How to be Free from Sin, p. 13)

Such was the compassion the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) had to spread the true teachings of Islam but who is prepared to listen to him! The objectives of these so-called Maulawis are not to establish sanctity of Islam. Rather they pursue personal and vested interests. There has not been any strong condemnation of this incident by the religious scholars unless they say something today at Friday Prayers. It should be remembered that God states: ‘…And fear Allah…’ and God is not simply aware of everything just for awareness rather, every action of man decides his fate. And those who perpetrate cruelty certainly have a bad ending.

God states about those who profess the Kalima that they are: ‘…tender amongst themselves…’ (48:30). Let alone this, today they treat their own worse than one treats the enemy. They kill hundreds of thousands of their own and they martyr their own children! Do they think they will escape chastisement! Never! ‘And whoso kills a believer intentionally, his reward shall be Hell wherein he shall abide. And Allah will be wroth with him and will curse him and will prepare for him a great punishment.’ (4:94) And God further states as to who a true believer is: ‘…and say not to anyone who greets you with the greeting of peace, ‘Thou art not a believer.’ (4:95)

Islam has established sanctity of brotherhood and if anyone tramples upon it and kills one who professes the Kalima then most certainly he will go to Hell and he will always be under God’s curse. Those who die in suicide attacks or while fighting and think they will gain pleasure of God after death are certainly wrong. God has made it very clear that if you kill a believer you will be under God’s curse. They have no right to kill one who wishes them peace as a true believer. What on earth was the fault of the innocent children they killed! Those children were seeking knowledge to become useful part of society, to be assets of the country and to spread peace. These are the reasons why they went to school. It is astonishing to listen to the so-called religious leaders who teach extremism in spite of the beautiful teaching of Islam and listening to which the uneducated and the unaware carry our brutal acts! Maybe they consider Hell something out of fables or maybe they do not have faith in the Word of God for they continue to kill each other. If they do not have perfect belief in the Hereafter, God has also stated about the results of harming the sanctity of brotherhood that one sees in this world: ‘And obey Allah and His Messenger and dispute not with one another, lest you falter and your power depart from you. And be steadfast; surely, Allah is with the steadfast.’ (8:47)

Today this is exactly what the condition of the Muslim world appears to be, their power is diminishing. Due to in-fighting and numerous terrorist organisations most countries are like battlegrounds. They beg Western powers although they have made an organisation of Muslim countries but that has no standing. They do not have each other’s confidence which could facilitate peace and they also have no standing before other countries. Their affairs are managed by the big powers and if their president or prime minister or even military chief visits and has talks with the president or prime minister of a Western country or these countries give them a little encouragement/acceptance our leaders feel as if they have received all the bounties of the world! Their concept of God is all but void and they consider worldly people the source of their permanence. There are endless reasons which are taking Muslim countries towards ruination. An atrocity takes place and there is public outcry for a few days and lo and behold yet again many among the public become instruments in perpetrating barbarity.

Until they accept what God states, until they extend fairness even to the enemy, until they give security to those who greet them with peace, until they establish standards of brotherhood, until governments look after public, until public is complaint to governments and until fear of God is instilled in hearts, such atrocities will continue to take place!

If only our leaders and those known as religious leaders and the public understood this. Pain of Muslim Ummah is also our pain because they are associated with our master. The Imam of the age taught us the ability to have sympathy and love for those who are associated with our master and he said in poetic form:

O heart! Have concession for these people and be compassionate towards them

After all they claim to love my Prophet

They are cruel to us but we do not seek revenge, we pray for their hearts to be clear and may they understand. This feeling of compassion and good will for them has been instilled in our heart by the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace). In line with Islamic teaching he has taught us to have compassion for your own and for others.

The Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said the following:

‘True believers and Muslims are enjoined to be gentle and compassionate.’

‘Each person should look at himself every day and see as to how much he cares about these matters and how much compassion and good will he has for his brothers.’

‘The common purpose of the advent of all Prophets is to establish true and real love of God and to instil special import in love for and rights of humanity and among brothers. Until these are practiced all matters are merely ceremonial.’

‘Be compassionate to God’s people and do not oppress them with your tongue, hand or by any other means. Always endeavour for the good of humanity. Do not feel arrogant towards anyone even if they are your subordinate and do not verbally abuse anyone even if they verbally abuse you. Become meek, forbearing and good of intention and be sympathetic to mankind so that you are accepted.’

The Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) wrote:

‘What does God want from you but this that you treat all humanity with fairness? More than this do good to those who have never done good to you and more than this be compassionate to God’s creatures as if they were your next of kin; as mothers are with their children…The ultimate degree of good is borne of natural instincts like those of a mother.’ (Kishti e Nuh, p. 30 Ruhani Khaza’in Vol 19)

We have had this level of teaching as regards sympathy and compassion and if we practice it then alone can we feel each other’s pain. With the grace of God large majority of our Jama’at has this compassion as indeed Ahmadis should. We have these sentiments for all humanity and in greater degree for Muslims. Our grief is heart-felt over any cruelty perpetrated against Muslims. The atrocity committed in Pakistan is certainly very painful for us and any atrocity perpetrated against Muslims around the world is painful for us. Our pain is intensified when we call out to the world that the Messiah has come according to Divine promises. The Messiah who was to end wars and conflict and spread love and peace; listen to him! In spite of our calling out those who are known as religious leaders are the worst in enmity against us. In such situations lines of fairness and compassion are blurred, disorder takes place and the innocent are killed as indeed it is happening. If only those known as religious leaders understand this and rather than embroil the Ummah in sectarianism, they inculcate the teaching of Islam based on love and peace in them and try and dispel the misconceptions among non-Muslims that Islam is God forbid an extremist and violent religion. May God give them sense! Prayers should be said for Pakistan and other Muslim countries, may God bring peace to these countries and may the governments and the public recognise true Islamic values! May God also enable us to maintain good examples!

Due to the situation in Syria, Iraq and Libya Ahmadis are suffering on two counts there; for being citizens of those places and also for being Ahmadi. Make special prayers for them. May God release them from their difficulties! Some Ahmadis are in dire straits and are living under the open sky. Both sides are against Ahmadis and under the circumstances no help can be sent to them only God may help and have mercy and soon alleviate their difficulties!

Three funerals in absentia were announced.

Mubarak Ahmad Bajwa Sahib, an Ahmadi, was abducted in Pakistan by unknown persons on 26 October 2009 and had been missing since. A few days ago some terrorists were arrested and one of them disclosed he was involved in the abduction of Mubarak Ahmad Bajwa Sahib. He said they abducted him for blaspheming against the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) and kept them imprisoned in chains and at some pointed stabbed him to death and buried his body.

Shaheed Mubarak Ahmad Bajwa Sahib was born in 1953. He was a farmer. He was an honest, gentle and friendly person. His father and brother have served the Jama’at and one of his sons is also serving currently. He leaves behind his widow and four sons, two brothers and a sister.

Mubarak Ahmad Bajwa Shaheed was abducted on 26 Oct 2009 along with a household boy servant. The boy was later released with a mobile telephone. Demands for ransom were made via the mobile telephone. Initially a ransom of Rs 20 million was made which was reduced to Rs 1 million and it was demanded to send the amount to either Kohat or Parachanar. Later this telephonic connection stopped and the police could not resolve the matter.

Recently brother of Shaheed Mubarak Ahmad Bajwas Sahib was asked to contact the local police who told him that recently arrested Taliban have confessed to abducting Bajwas Sahib and later stabbing him to death and burying his remains in a pit. A Taliban member said that a person from the next village who was a Christian but had converted to Islam and joined the Taliban had informed on Bajwa Sahib being a ‘blasphemer’ who was then abducted and stabbed to death. When the police asked the Taliban member why they had done this he said this was done on the order of their commander.

May God elevate the station of Shaheed and grant steadfastness to his family.

Amina Sahiba of Kababir died on 12 December 2014. She was a born Ahmadi and had served Lajna in various capacities. She was a very prayerful person and gave generously. She made extensive arrangements for catering for her local Jama’at during the building of the local mosque Masjid Mahmood for which she donated a large sum of money. She had great devotion for Khulafa, listened to Friday sermon most keenly and would be ready with all her heart to obey every instruction. She taught many children to read the Holy Qur’an. Her intense desire to visit Qadian was fulfilled three times when she attended Jalsa Salana Qadian. Amina Sahiba was a Moosia and a maternal aunt of Munir Odeh Sahib.

Munir Odeh Sahib writes that his aunt spent her life serving Ahmadiyyat. She had brought up Munir Odeh Sahib like a mother when his parents went out to work. She sewed clothes but never accepted help from anyone. She was not married. She received marriage proposals from non-Ahmadis which she did not accept. Munir Odeh Sahib was with her when she passed away and her last words were: There is none worthy of worship except Allah. Before passing away she had instructed that all her belongings should be given to the Jama’at.

Ibrahim Abdul Bukhari Sahib of Egypt passed away on 13 December at the age of 63. He had taken bai’at at the young age of eighteen years and experienced eras of three Khilafats. He faced much hostility from his family and also in-laws after accepting Ahmadiyyat but he remained committed. He also faced many impediments at work due to his faith where he was psychologically abused. His wife was impressed with his role model and also accepted Ahmadiyyat. He taught Arabic in a school in Nigeria for two and a half years. He was regular in observing Salat and paying his chanda and attended Friday Prayers regularly even in his last days in spite of illness. He also visited UK and had great sincerity for Khilafat. He leaves behind his widow, a daughter and three sons.

May God elevate the status of all the deceased and grant steadfastness to the bereaved families.

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