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Coffee, Cake and True Islam

02 Aug

Coffee, Cake and True Islam

A recent study conducted in New Zealand showed that the more exposure one has to the news the more likely one is to hold anti-Muslim sentiments. But a lot of this changes when people actually meet a Muslim.

Here is your opportunity to not only meet local Muslim women and hear firsthand what exactly Islam is all about, but also to ask all and any questions in a very informal environment at our mosque over a free cup of coffee and a slice of cake, or just make a new friend or two!

This women's only event is all about creating a better understanding and awareness of who we are. Let's work towards maintaining and ensuring a peaceful and cohesive society in our beautiful country!


For any questions or to confirm your attendance please contact:

Mrs Zabila Cheema

AMJ Women’s Auxiliary National President

P: 027 834 7883

E: [email protected]

W: www.ahmadiyya.org.nz

20 Dalgety Drive, Manukau, New Zealand

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