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Inaugural Holy Quran Exhibition in Wellington

20 Apr

Inaugural Holy Quran Exhibition in Wellington

Westminister, Berlin, Nice, 7/7 and 9/11 are all believed to have one thing in common; they were terrorist attacks committed by people claiming to be inspired by Islam.

According to some clerics of the Islamic faith it is incumbent upon Muslims to wage war against non-Muslim countries and either get them to accept Islam or mercilessly kill them.

This is the ideology which is being spread by radical Muslims across the globe and has led to the rise of terrorist groups such as ISIS.

With 1.3 billion Muslims in the world, surely this should be a real cause for concern. Should 'violent' verses in the Quran, the holy scripture and driving force of the Muslims, be cause for concern as it poses a threat to our very existence?

Could New Zealand be under threat from this faith and ideology too?

One Muslim Community, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at, worldwide is driving a counter narrative through different initiatives. On Saturday 6th May 2017 they have invited members of the public to view and study their holy scripture, the Holy Quran themselves. Their invitation involves understanding the true teachings of Islam, which they claim truly lay the foundations of peace. Throughout the day they will be holding short seminars on the topic of the 'Quran and Terrorism' and discussing whether Islam actually condemns or condones terrorism.

This is your opportunity to find out whether Islam truly poses a threat to us. Find out whether the Quran actually condones terrorism.

Join us for the free public exhibition and seminars taking place throughout the day in Wellington!

Understanding and awareness through dialogue are the keys to ensuring a peaceful and harmonious society. Don't miss out! Learn the truth!


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